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Almost one zettabyte of mobile facts traffic

  Almost one zettabyte of mobile facts traffic in 2022 ?¡ìC 'cisco'

  'cisco' forecasts that 5G connections goes from nothing in 2017 to three.4% within the global total in 2022. Within the same period annual mobile knowledge traffic will realize 930 exabytes, a seven-fold growth.


thus getting an easy way out of all their IP Networking solutions.


  The report provides lots of valuable facts points for that industry, each of records of latest background and predictions on the long run. For instance, regardless of your expected fast enhancement of 5G, by 2022, 4G continuously dominate both equally the amount of connections along with the facts generated. 54% of total connections is going to generally be on 4G, that will generate 71% of total mobile information traffic. Mobile details traffic will represent 20% of IP traffic by 2022.

  Regarding information traffic by individual products, typically a smartphone will generate 11 GB of traffic monthly by 2022, up from 2GB in 2017. Mobile online video will result in even greater proportion in the total traffic. 59% with the total mobile facts was movie in 2017. The dpi will develop to 79% by 2022, along with the absolute info amount of mobile online video increases by nine occasions.


The hong kong allows guests to see the city view of Tsim Sha Tsui. Offering high-quality amenities, perfect for a relaxed stay for both leisure or business.


  The report identifies seven key global mobile networking trends, from Cisco??£¤s perspective.


The School of Nursing offers full time / p


  Evolving toward Smarter Cellular Gadgets: this largely refers back to the substantial and growing number of smartphones, which include phablets, out of all connected devices (from 50% to 54%), along with the fast growth of M2M connections (from 11% to 31%). Primary segment missing out is going to be non-smartphones (from 34% to 10%).

  Defining Cell Network Advances: this trend refers back to the faster enhancement of mobile connections on newer technologies (4G and 5G) as opposed to the short decline in the amount of 2G connections as well as the gradual decline of 3G connections. Another fast-growing segment is M2M on Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) units, growing from 130 million in 2017 to at least one.8 billion by 2022.







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Fund transfers between Alipay


Fund transfers between Alipay and WeChat pay all over the corner as Hong Kong launches a lot quicker payments services

Hong Kong prospects of Alipay and WeChat Shell out, the 2 dominant cashless payment operators in China, the world?¡¥s greatest internet marketplace, should be able to transfer cash from one another with the very first time, through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority?¡¥s Faster payment procedure. The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
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The provider will likely be available from September 30, but the shoppers of 10 e-wallet operators as well as 21 banks ¡§C like HSBC, Hang Seng Financial institution, Citibank, Typical Chartered Bank, Lender of East Asia and Bank of China Hong Kong ¡§C can now start registering for that support.
Hong Kong will takes a huge move towards smart banking with introduction of no cost, immediate interbank fund transfers

The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.

Howard Lee, deputy chief executive of your HKMA, Hong Kong?¡¥s de facto central lender, introduced the assistance on Monday and explained: ?¡ãThis is unique around the globe. In all western markets, and over the mainland, only buyers from the same e-wallet operator can transfer money among themselves, but not with others.
?¡ãThe More rapidly payment procedure will be a breakthrough in fund transfers and payments in Hong Kong,?¡À he reported. The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
Octopus is among the 10 stored-value, or e-wallet, operators that joined the program on Monday, while HSBC?¡¥s payMe cellular payments app will join the service ?¡ãat the earliest opportunity?¡À, as outlined by a lender spokeswoman. The exclusive right for alipay hong kong will last for one year before three additional providers are added in mid-2021.
A spokesman in Hong Kong for Alipay, founded by Alibaba Group Keeping executive chairman Jack Ma, welcomed the support and said: ?¡ãAlipay Hong Kong is honoured being among the very first batch of firms to join the Speedier payment procedure. We are doing work on partnerships with a number of banks.?¡À


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Although they’re stubbornly

Mildly flavored, they don’t beat you over the head with sweetness, but whisper gently of vanilla with a subtle buttery undertone. This nuanced approach is perfect for crowning more aggressively flavored baked goods, like these gingerbread bars pictured above, cutting their intensity without detracting from the overall experience. Although their more delicate composition means they’re more likely to pool and puddle when faced with a trip through the oven, they’re perfect for turning into white ganache or icing once your treats are fully baked. For your highest quality option with the cleanest label, Pascha Chocolate is your one and only choice.

If you’re craving a smattering of white chocolate freckles throughout your cookies or cakes, however, you still have one great option! While there are a few white chips out there designed for the kosher crowd, most of those taste of little more than wax and sugar, entirely eschewing cocoa butter and thus losing the essence of this simple sweet addition. Not so with the White Chocolate Chips offered by Chocolate Emporium. These are the little morsels of pale cacao goodness that I’ve been buying (and hoarding) in bulk for years.

resistant to melting down smoothly, that quality serves them perfectly for baked applications. They have a slightly softer chew right out of hand, but somehow manage to hold their own in the face of a 350 degree inferno. Their flavor would be described as subtle at best, but their main function should be to add sweetness, creaminess, and color contrast anyway.

When the chips are down, these two are your very best bets, and both should have a place of honor in your kitchen year round. Vegan white chocolate is still something of a rarity, so these sweet treats will undoubtedly elicit astonishment, wonder, and awe- Not to mention hunger.

2016年9月26日 (月)

These Pecan Sandie

There’s something so irresistible about desserts that combine two great treats into one. Maybe that’s because it’s like getting to have two desserts. Who doesn’t want an excuse to do that?


Praline Bars fall into that two-for-one dessert category. They start with a thick, nutty cookie layer. Then that’s topped with more nutty deliciousness with what is essentially pecan pie filling. And let’s top all that off with a little chocolate for good measure . Who’s with me?


Let’s first talk about that cookie layer. As the title of the recipe suggests, there’s a pecan sandie element going on here. Those have always been one of my favorite store-bought cookies. The flavor of those is duplicated here with a simple cookie layer. As simple desserts go, it would make a fine cookie bar all on its own nuskin.


Pecan Sandies meet pecan pie in these fantastic Pecan Sandie Praline Bars! - Bake or Break


But, of course, we aren’t stopping there. To up the pecan ante, let’s add a gooey, crunchy topping. The components of it are those of traditional pecan pie. It’s also easy to whip up, just like pecan pie filling. That gets baked right on top of the cookie layer Neo skin lab.


And if that weren’t enough, all of that is topped with the very simplest chocolate topping. We’re talking a bag of chocolate chips. Yep, that’s it. Just sprinkle them on, wait for them to melt a bit, and then simply spread the chocolate over the baked bars. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


If you’re a big pecan fan like I am, you’re going to adore these bars. They take the familiar flavors of two classic desserts and combine them into a new dessert experience. Just imagine a pecan pie with a thick cookie crust and topped with chocolate. There’s so much flavor packed in all of those layers!

2016年8月26日 (金)

particularly bold declaration

Browsing through the latest issue of a prominent food magazine, the leading sentence of yet another summer recipe round up grabbed me by the throat. Proclaiming August the “laziest month,” it struck me as a , forcing me to consider how plausible such a blanket statement might actually be. When else would we, collectively as a workaholic society, sneak out of the office sooner, take longer siestas, or justify more extended weekend adventures? December would be a close contender, but when you factor in the stress of holidays and family obligations, it’s clearly out of the running. Perhaps they’re right; perhaps August does take the cake for stringing together the most laid-back, unhurried days on the calendar DR REBORN.

So, as July inevitably slips through our fingers, it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare to seriously take it slow. I’m all about minimal effort resulting in maximum impact, which is why I can’t get enough of The Blender Girl‘s raw key lime pudding DR REBORN.

It first graced my hot and humid east coast kitchen a number of years ago and has become an annual summer staple ever since. It’s baffling that I somehow neglected to include it in my initial review of her brilliant cookbook, but I suppose I was subconsciously saving it for the more languorous days that best suit the no-muss, no-fuss preparation.

I’ve barely done anything to the original formula, which only goes to show what a solid recipe Tess has concocted here. I’ve never gone out of my way to actually use key limes, and yet it still bears a sprightly, zesty flavor thanks to the balance between standard limes and lemons. I’d venture to say that adding a touch of grapefruit to the party might be a delightfully tangy addition, too. It’s a good thing we have the whole month of August ahead of us- I’ll undoubtedly have many more batches of this refreshing raw treat to experiment with DR REBORN.

2016年6月16日 (木)

Now thats a pathetic comeback

The good thing about having guests over for dinner is, me having a new post to share with you. opening after being MIA for so long. But I have to be honest and tell you, it has been eating me up for not having taken out the time to blog restylane. However I do have a good reason for having been away, and its something I cannot wait to share with you. Which means, thats what I’m going to be talking about in my next post ! For now here’s a brilliant looking and a guaranteed  crowd pleasing dessert, which takes practically no time to put together. I think I took longer to take the pictures. Seriously. I’ll tell you a little trick … its comes from being a little lazy, wanting maximum achievement by doing very little. This is what happened … Busy day … a whole jingbang of cousins coming over for dinner at 7. You’ve on your way home yourself and its already 5:30. You still have a little last minute prep to do and OMG you totally forgot dessert. Obviously you can’t buy store bought stuff. Not happening .. so what should one do … quickly bake a classic pound cake, slap on some cream and throw on some fruits, or the classic choc cake, or easier still brownies n ice-cream ? So boring … can’t you think of anything better … anyone who comes to your house expects better ( one of the things to deal with, being a blogger and putting up nice food pictures ) Running out of time, and realizing baking is not an option, you stop at the corner fruit vendor and spot a box of fres Thats it ! Its going to be an instant dessert. Cheesecake Cups, no fuss, no extra time and sure shot on how its going to turn out. If you are going to be entertaining at home this December, I would encourage you to give this a shot. The recipe follows ….


To achieve maximum efficiency, start with washing, hulling , and chopping the strawberries. Put in a bowl and sprinkle 2tbsp of the caster sugar, mix and let it macerate. Now in a whipping bowl, put the two packages of cream cheese and begin whipping first on slow, letting the cheese break down, now increase the speed a notch higher and let it get smooth and fluffy. In the mean time open up the biscuits and put them in a zip lock bag and smash them with a rolling pin or anything you think might crush them up. Now get back to the cheese, add the vanilla bean paste and whipping cream. Give the bowl a good scrapping making sure nothing is stuck to the bowl. if you think you need a little more cream, do not hesitate to add some. Add the remaining caster sugar and whip it some more till it all blends and the cream cheese being to hold. Don’t over beat it. Now with a slotted spoon take about 3/4th of the strawberries, without the syrup. Slowly and gently mix it into the cream cheese making a ribbon effect. Don’t mix too much, you don’t want the mix to go pink. Now take your serving cups, add roughly a heaped tsp of the crushed biscuits and pipe in or spoon in the cheesecake mix. Top with the reserved chopped strawberries and garnish with a slice if fig. Ta- Da … ready in jiffy. Chill till ready to serve.

2016年4月27日 (水)

Can clear the cobwebs

We just got back from a quick weekend escape in Tagaytay and straight back into the waiting arms of work, school, and this busy city we live in. Every vacation is too short, much less one that is overnight, but it’s surprising how even a short jaunt mask house, not too far afield, and recharge you for the week ahead. I’ll be sharing more about our little Tagaytay family excursion soon so stay tuned for that!


I have always espoused home cooking, spending time in the kitchen, learning to create your own sustenance, feeding your family homemade rather than store-bought. But in no way does that mean that I am in my kitchen day in and day out, churning all sorts of goodies for family and friends. Nor does it mean that I don’t use store-bought or ready-made ingredients at all. And goodness, it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t get on the phone with Yellow Cab once in a while either (my daughter is a huge fan of their buffalo wings…don’t judge). This is real life. My real life, at least . I have a full time job (and a boss that goes with it). Two kids to raise (together with my awesome team mate and life partner thankfully!). A household to run. And everything else that just seems to sneak up on you in between.


I think you do too. Or most of you at least. I mean, I am sure there some of you that magically keep all the balls in the air without breaking a sweat, and if you are one of those gifted ones, I salute you.


But I am not…I do not keep all balls in the air ageLOC Me, all of the time. I do pick up that phone and bid Yellow Cab to get those chicken wings over here stat. I do use store-bought products and shortcut ingredients sometimes, to help me get dinner on the table when I am pressed for time. I do not cook every day. There are days when I am too tired, stuck in meetings or conference calls, have reports that need finishing, or am just too lazy (yes, we all have days like that!).


We work with what we have. And that’s ok! I try to give my family the best…the best in life and the best of myself, all this taking into account what it is I actually have to give. I would rather concede to calling for take-out than pushing myself within an inch of my sanity to get a homemade meal on the table, only to be grumpy all throughout it. I would rather take a shortcut here and there if it means more time for hugs and snuggles, more time for stories and games.

Their Roasted Garlic

When the folks over at Whisk contacted me about trying their products I immediately said yes because, unbeknownst to them, I already like their products! I hadn’t tried their whole line though, just their salad dressings and some of their salts. I was immediately drawn to and Rosemary Jam because, well, I love roasted garlic, and I love sweet in my savories. After my first taste I immediately knew I wanted to cook with it…something pork, or chicken, and something roasted. I had a big pork cutlet in the freezer and this dish was born.

I originally made this with only one pork cutlet, for my children on an evening when C and I had dinner plans outside. I took a bite before heading out and knew I was going to cook it again for the whole family…and I knew I had to share it with you.

This is such an easy dish to make…criminally easy, hardly any effort at all. Rub, sear, and then finish off the cooking in the oven, and you have a delicious dinner on your table. All thanks to some flavor-packed, shortcut ingredients. Their jam tastes of some wonderful garlic and herb infused sweet/sour/savory sauce. I can imagine using the same treatment as with these chops on, say, chicken thighs baked in the oven.

You can make this with regular pork chops and if you do you won’t need to cook them in the oven. If using regular chops I would sear them for 30 seconds per side, then sear the fat, then smear them all over with the roasted garlic jam and return to the pan just to finish cooking. It’ll be much quicker!

Although a I’ve taken a shortcut here, Whisk’s products are home made themselves, without any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, so I consider them just a step away from making it myself! It is certainly a relief to us weary souls just happy to have some help in the kitchen, to have the bonus of this help being all-natural. Whisk actually started with exactly that in mind…to provide better alternatives to commercial products that they could serve to their families. And now we can all benefit from their conscientiousness!

We do the best with what we have. And at the end of the day, if I know I have patched together the best for my family using whatever I have been dealt, whilst maintaining my sanity, and am still able to hug my loved ones and laugh at life’s little curveballs, then I think, in the grand scheme of things, I am doing fine (and you are too!).

2016年3月29日 (火)

With such food

If the name Anna Tasca Lanza rings a bell for you, there’s a good reason. In her day, she was the authority on Sicilian food—the Marcella Hazan of the south. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, before any kind of regional awareness had entered the Italian food lexicon in the US, she began writing about traditional Sicilian cooking for the American market hong kong service apartments for rent. As people woke up to the bold, rustic flavors of the island, her fame spread, and she began regularly collaborating luminaries as James Beard, Julia Child* and Alice Waters, and making frequent appearances on television and radio. She published two books of her own, and among the other numerous Sicilian cookbooks on my shelf, I doubt there is one that doesn’t mention her name. She also opened a cooking school on her family’s 19th-century estate, Regaleali. Located about halfway between Palermo and Agrigento in the mountainous Sicilian heartland, Regaleali has been in the Tasca family since 1830, when it was bought by Anna’s great-great-great grandfather, Count Lucio Tasca. It’s still very much a working farm; wine, olive oil, wheat, almonds, favas and citrus are grown on its 1,200 acres of softly rolling hills, and even today it represents one of the major sources of employment for people in this impoverished corner of the island. Over the years it has evolved, though, first with the establishment by Anna’s father of a state-of-the-art winery which now ranks among Sicily’s best, and later, when he divided up the estate among his children. His son inherited the ‘main house’ and winery, and his three daughters were given smaller houses and land around the property; Anna’s was a traditional farmhouse set around a cobbled courtyard, called Case Vecchie. The estate is home to thousands of olive trees which produce a beautifully mellow, grassy oil the color of the afternoon sun. I think if I had an unlimited supply of oil like that, life would be pretty much complete. Anna and her husband had one daughter, Fabrizia. In her younger days Fabrizia was, by her own admission, interested in anything that wasn’t Sicilian HKUE amec, and as soon as she was old enough moved north, where she established a career as an art historian and had two children of her own. When Anna launched herself into the culinary world, Fabrizia cheered her mother on from afar, at first. In her mid-40s, though, after suddenly finding herself out of a job, Fabrizia realized the not only was she deeply homesick for Sicily, but what she really wanted to do was dedicate her life to keeping traditional Sicilian cuisine alive too.

Spaghetti with Salsa Trapanese

You may have noticed that I mentioned making this dish shortly after returning from Sicily early this spring, long before any edible tomatoes were on the market in this hemisphere. I was, in fact, so eager to try it that I gave it a shot with canned San Marzanos, drained, rinsed, seeded and chopped. I have to say, it honestly wasn’t half bad—in fact I’d rate it as significantly better choice than out-of-season (i.e. hothouse) fresh tomatoes. Of course candy-sweet summer heirlooms are in a league of their own, but should you find yourself craving this in the off-season, there’s no shame in substituting the contents of three 400g/14oz cans for the amount of tomatoes given here.
p.s. I know peeling tomatoes is a chore, but please don’t skip this step or the pieces won’t get that luscious, half-melted texture when they hit the hot pasta.
p.p.s. This sauce certainly doesn’t only go with pasta; try it over sauteed fish or chicken too.

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