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2016年4月27日 (水)

Can clear the cobwebs

We just got back from a quick weekend escape in Tagaytay and straight back into the waiting arms of work, school, and this busy city we live in. Every vacation is too short, much less one that is overnight, but it’s surprising how even a short jaunt mask house, not too far afield, and recharge you for the week ahead. I’ll be sharing more about our little Tagaytay family excursion soon so stay tuned for that!


I have always espoused home cooking, spending time in the kitchen, learning to create your own sustenance, feeding your family homemade rather than store-bought. But in no way does that mean that I am in my kitchen day in and day out, churning all sorts of goodies for family and friends. Nor does it mean that I don’t use store-bought or ready-made ingredients at all. And goodness, it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t get on the phone with Yellow Cab once in a while either (my daughter is a huge fan of their buffalo wings…don’t judge). This is real life. My real life, at least . I have a full time job (and a boss that goes with it). Two kids to raise (together with my awesome team mate and life partner thankfully!). A household to run. And everything else that just seems to sneak up on you in between.


I think you do too. Or most of you at least. I mean, I am sure there some of you that magically keep all the balls in the air without breaking a sweat, and if you are one of those gifted ones, I salute you.


But I am not…I do not keep all balls in the air ageLOC Me, all of the time. I do pick up that phone and bid Yellow Cab to get those chicken wings over here stat. I do use store-bought products and shortcut ingredients sometimes, to help me get dinner on the table when I am pressed for time. I do not cook every day. There are days when I am too tired, stuck in meetings or conference calls, have reports that need finishing, or am just too lazy (yes, we all have days like that!).


We work with what we have. And that’s ok! I try to give my family the best…the best in life and the best of myself, all this taking into account what it is I actually have to give. I would rather concede to calling for take-out than pushing myself within an inch of my sanity to get a homemade meal on the table, only to be grumpy all throughout it. I would rather take a shortcut here and there if it means more time for hugs and snuggles, more time for stories and games.

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