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2016年6月16日 (木)

Now thats a pathetic comeback

The good thing about having guests over for dinner is, me having a new post to share with you. opening after being MIA for so long. But I have to be honest and tell you, it has been eating me up for not having taken out the time to blog restylane. However I do have a good reason for having been away, and its something I cannot wait to share with you. Which means, thats what I’m going to be talking about in my next post ! For now here’s a brilliant looking and a guaranteed  crowd pleasing dessert, which takes practically no time to put together. I think I took longer to take the pictures. Seriously. I’ll tell you a little trick … its comes from being a little lazy, wanting maximum achievement by doing very little. This is what happened … Busy day … a whole jingbang of cousins coming over for dinner at 7. You’ve on your way home yourself and its already 5:30. You still have a little last minute prep to do and OMG you totally forgot dessert. Obviously you can’t buy store bought stuff. Not happening .. so what should one do … quickly bake a classic pound cake, slap on some cream and throw on some fruits, or the classic choc cake, or easier still brownies n ice-cream ? So boring … can’t you think of anything better … anyone who comes to your house expects better ( one of the things to deal with, being a blogger and putting up nice food pictures ) Running out of time, and realizing baking is not an option, you stop at the corner fruit vendor and spot a box of fres Thats it ! Its going to be an instant dessert. Cheesecake Cups, no fuss, no extra time and sure shot on how its going to turn out. If you are going to be entertaining at home this December, I would encourage you to give this a shot. The recipe follows ….


To achieve maximum efficiency, start with washing, hulling , and chopping the strawberries. Put in a bowl and sprinkle 2tbsp of the caster sugar, mix and let it macerate. Now in a whipping bowl, put the two packages of cream cheese and begin whipping first on slow, letting the cheese break down, now increase the speed a notch higher and let it get smooth and fluffy. In the mean time open up the biscuits and put them in a zip lock bag and smash them with a rolling pin or anything you think might crush them up. Now get back to the cheese, add the vanilla bean paste and whipping cream. Give the bowl a good scrapping making sure nothing is stuck to the bowl. if you think you need a little more cream, do not hesitate to add some. Add the remaining caster sugar and whip it some more till it all blends and the cream cheese being to hold. Don’t over beat it. Now with a slotted spoon take about 3/4th of the strawberries, without the syrup. Slowly and gently mix it into the cream cheese making a ribbon effect. Don’t mix too much, you don’t want the mix to go pink. Now take your serving cups, add roughly a heaped tsp of the crushed biscuits and pipe in or spoon in the cheesecake mix. Top with the reserved chopped strawberries and garnish with a slice if fig. Ta- Da … ready in jiffy. Chill till ready to serve.

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